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Hydrovac & Hydro Excavation Service Equipment

CARDAN Hydrovac has an extensive fleet of hydrovac trucks & equipment to tackle any excavation or cleanup situation.

CARDAN Hydrovac utilizes commercial grade high pressure equipment that provides the highest level of service. Hydrovac equipment demands minimal site requirements, with wands that reach up to distances of 600' from the truck, enabling work to be done in areas of limited access. Trenches can be dug as narrow as 3" wide and go to depths up to 18' deep.

Our equipment is capable of handling high volumes of heavy debris, such as soil, water, sludge, spills, debris and practically any type of material.

Vactor 2115 truck:

We also have smaller vac trucks and equipment that cause less damage to lawns:

Modern state-of-the-art truck features:

At any time CARDAN Hydrovac's fleet of trucks and equipment can be found all over Durham Region and GTA working on a vast array of projects.

Call CARDAN Hydrovac at 905-697-9200 for your next excavation or clean-up project.

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